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Mordica Lecture 1999: Product Globalization

The harmonization of wire and cable product standards became an area of increasing activity during the 1990s involving tremendous investments of time, money, and manpower. This technical report pr.. more»

$ 10.00 - Mordica Lecture 1999 (Member Price)
$ 15.00 - Mordica Lecture 1999 (List Price)
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Mordica Lecture 2000: About the Drawing Process

This report focuses on wiredrawing process techniques and presents the author’s viewpoints that are based on years’ worth of research on the topic. Subject matter includes frictionless wiredrawing.. more»

$ 10.00 - Mordica Lecture 2000 (Member Price)
$ 15.00 - Mordica Lecture 2000 (List Price)
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Mordica Lecture 2001: Drawn Into Wire

Numerous, often coincidental, episodes during 40 years of functioning in many different “worlds of wire” have nurtured the author’s fascination with the entire technological history of wire and its u.. more»

$ 10.00 - Mordica Lecture 2001 (Member Price)
$ 15.00 - Mordica Lecture 2001 (List Price)
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Mordica Lecture 2002: The Evolving Technology of Steel Rod

Questioning conventional wisdom is the theme of this lecture, which chronicles more than 30 years of personal involvement in the manufacture of ferrous rod and wire. The lecture recalls significant c.. more»

$ 10.00 - Mordica Lecture 2002 (Member Price)
$ 15.00 - Mordica Lecture 2002 (List Price)
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Mordica Lecture 2003: Between Two Mordica Memorial Awards

The author discusses the events that transpired between 1973 - when his father Ilario Properzi won WAI's Mordica Memorial Award - and 2003, when he accepted the same honor. His lecture includes refle.. more»

$ 10.00 - Mordica Lecture 2003, Properzi (Member Price)
$ 15.00 - Mordica Lecture 2003, Properzi (List Price)
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Mordica Lecture 2003: Mechanics of Wire Rope

This lecture on the mechanics of wire rope is divided into two parts: a theory for the static and dynamic response of wire rope, and practical examples in the form of consulting problems with which t.. more»

$ 10.00 - Mordica Lecture 2003, Costello (Member Price)
$ 15.00 - Mordica Lecture 2003, Costello (List Price)
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Mordica Lecture 2004: Some Aspects of Wire Rod Quality

The lecture presents a summary of more than 30 papers written or co-written by the author from 1995 to 2004. Those articles are analyzed in six parts on topics that include wire rod quality and indic.. more»

$ 10.00 - Mordica Lecture 2004 (Member Price)
$ 15.00 - Mordica Lecture 2004 (List Price)
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Mordica Lecture 2009: Drawing Induced Structural and Mechanical Anistropy

The 2009 Mordica Lecture presents an overview of the variety of structural evolutions and texture formations in drawing metals with face-centered cubic (fcc), body-centered cubic (bcc), and fcc- viz... more»

$ 10.00 - Mordica Lecture 2009 (Member Price)
$ 15.00 - Mordica Lecture 2009 (List Price)
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Nondestructive Testing for the Wire & Cable Industry

This report comprises four technical papers that were presented in a theme session during the Wire & Cable Technical Symposium at WAI's 73rd Annual Convention, Atlanta, May 2003. The following pap.. more»

$ 10.00 - Nondestructive Testing (Member Price)
$ 15.00 - Nondestructive Testing (List Price)
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Nonferrous Wire Handbook, Vol. 2

This volume examines the process of manufacturing wire from nonferrous rod. Topics include: wiredrawing, breaks, quality control and test procedures, joining techniques, machinery and equipment, lubr.. more»

$ 20.00 - Nonferrous Handbook 2 (Member Price)
$ 40.00 - Nonferrous Handbook 2 (List Price)
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