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Committee Directory
The WAI is governed by a network of volunteers from around the world offering individual members the opportunity to shape the future of the industry by participating on WAI’s committee work. Many companies encourage their employees to participate in this type of volunteer work as committee involvement allows individuals the chance to hone their leadership skills, improve their abilities to deal with differing viewpoints, and translate this knowledge back into their own work environment.
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Staff Liaison:  Mr Steven J Fetteroll
President:  William A Avise
Chair:  Sharon K Young
Staff Liaison:  Livia A Jacobs
Co-Chair:  William F Reichert
Co-Chair:  Andy G Talbot
Staff Liaison:  Marc L Murray
Chair:  Mr W Brian Parsons
Staff Liaison:  Marc L Murray
Staff Liaison:  Mr Steven J Fetteroll
Chair:  Jan Sorige
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