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North Star Steel Texas Plant update on equipment modifications for quality improvements

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By R. Bullard, B. Yalamanchili, P. Power, R. Phillips, North Star Steel Texas Co., Cargill, TX, USA
North Star Steel Texas (NSST) began as Georgetown Texas Steel Corporation in early 1974. It was conceived as a combination wire rod and rebar mill which would hae 500,000 tons per year capacity. Rebar in sizes #4 to #11 would be nearly half the tonnage, while industrial quality rod in sizes 7/32" to 1/2" would be the balance. The rod would be primarily 7/32" low carbon, with a lesser amount of standard Stelmor high carbon for spring wire. Further, with the expensive leaning experiences of Georgetown Steel behind, it was decided that "No new technology" was to be included -- just models of what had been proven successful at GSC.
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