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We Do it Straight - Wire Straightening

$ 20.00 - We Do it Straight (Member Price)
$ 25.00 - We Do it Straight (List Price)
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By Eckehard Albert, Mirko Schilling, and Marcus Paech
215 pages, soft-cover, indexed

This book, published by WITELS Apparate-Maschinen Albert GmbH & Co. KG, is a compilation of findings regarding wire straightening systems—and the results achieved with such systems over the years—that can be used to channel new findings into the design of future products and processes.
It is intended to document the irreplaceable wealth of experience gained by straightening specialists over several decades and it touches on the effects that automation and increased production speeds have on the straightening process.
Complete with photographs, diagrams, and illustrations, the publication is organized alphabetically by topic and cross-referenced by page number to related topics. Key words are also provided to help the reader identify related subject matter.
The book was written by Eckehard Albert, Mirko Schilling, and Marcus Paech, the latter of whom has contributed to The Wire Association International Inc.’s technical programs.