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Wire Breaks and Failure Analysis

$ 10.00 - Wire Breaks Booklet (Member Price)
$ 15.00 - Wire Breaks Booklet (List Price)
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By Horace Pops and Julie Steininger
2003, 49 pages

Breakage of copper, steel, or aluminum wire is one of the most common and costly problems facing the wire industry today. To help minimize the number of breaks, drawing personnel must first be able to recognize and identify the type and cause of material failure. With this need in mind, the following reference manual was prepared. It contains pictures of the most frequent examples of broken wires found in the wire mill and at the customer’s facility. Although some of these photographs were taken at high magnification with a scanning electron microscope, adequate visual examination of the broken ends can be made in the plant using either a magnifying glass or a low power stereomicroscope. In addition, many pictures of cross-sections are included that were obtained in the laboratory using metallographic techniques. Although it is not necessary to perform metallography in the wire drawing facility, the resulting photomicrographs do provide useful supplemental information that helps to confirm and explain the nature of the wire breaks.