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Ferrous Wire Handbook - Ch. 12 Theory of Wiredrawing

$ 20.00 - Ferrous Wire Handbook - Ch. 12 Theory of Wiredrawing (Member Price)
$ 25.00 - Ferrous Wire Handbook - Ch. 12 Theory of Wiredrawing (List Price)
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pp. 299-325 of the Ferrous Wire Handbook
Written by WAI members and
Edited by Dr. Robert M. Shemenski,
Topics include the mechanics of wiredrawing, drawing force calculation, thermal effects, die life and wear, and non-traditional drawing methods.
This document is one complete chapter from the Ferrous Wire Handbook. All chapters are individually available for download. The first three chapters are available for free in a single introductory document which includes the appendices and index for the entire book.
Downloadable PDFThis product is only available as a downloadable pdf document.