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Estimation of the effect of heat treatment of wire rope with different C and Mn content on values of new quality indicator W

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By Bogdan Golis, Jan W. Pilarczyk, Ryszard Budzik, Marek Gala, and Rafal Wludzik, Czestochowa University of Technology, Poland
Instead of using three properties (Rm—tensile strength, Nb—number of bends, Nt—number of twists) for estimation of wire quality, this paper uses new indicators:
Wb = Rm/Nb; Wt = Rm/Nt; and W = Wb + Wt. It has been found that variations of properties Rm, Nb, Nt in wire drawn after patenting have exhibited higher values of the indicator W compared with wire drawn after normalizing. This study helps with selection of heat treatment methods for wire and wire rod containing different amounts of C and Mn based on calculation of the indicator W.
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