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Nonferrous Wire Handbook, Vol. 3

$ 95.00 - Nonferrous Handbook 3 (Member Price)
$ 125.00 - Nonferrous Handbook 3 (List Price)
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Principles and Practice
Edited by Horace Pops,
1995, 704 pages, hardbound, indexed

The Wire Association International, Inc., through its Nonferrous Management Committee, published Volume 3 of the Nonferrous Wire Handbook in 1995 as an entirely new reference handbook.

Volume 3 contains up-to-date information for drawing many different nonferrous metals and alloys. It describes the fundamental principles behind electrical conductors, heat treating and annealing, measurement and testing, and assessment of quality. Basic methods for manufacturing nonferrous rod are updated. Several chapters focus on modern equipment, processes, and materials currently used in the wire industry. Details on environmental concerns, coatings, and other ancillary topics are closely examined.