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Wet Wiredrawing

$ 10.00 - Wet Wiredrawing (Member Price)
$ 15.00 - Wet Wiredrawing (List Price)
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2003, 43 pages

This report comprises four technical papers that were presented in a theme session during the Wire & Cable Technical Symposium at WAI's 73rd Annual Convention, Atlanta, May 2003.

The following papers are included:
  • "Practical considerations of wiredrawing die design for use in wet wiredrawing," by J. Downey, Fort Wayne Wire Die, Inc., USA.
  • "Statistical experimental study of electrolytic phosphate coating deposition," by Gabriel Kirsch, William C. Russell, and Ken Hacias, Henkel Surface Technologies, USA.
  • "The development of PCD/SCS die materials and their impact on wiredrawing practices," by Richard C. Ladd, Sumitomo Electric Carbide, Inc., USA.
  • "Wet drawing lubricants consistency and durability improvement," by Eun San Lee, Ye Keun Yuh, Byoung Kwon Park, and Min An Kim.