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Process Modeling

$ 10.00 - Process Modeling (Member Price)
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2004, 101 pages

This report comprises eight technical papers that were presented in a theme session during the Wire & Cable Technical Symposium at WAI's 75th Annual Convention, Atlanta, May 2005.

The following papers are included:
  • “Elevated temperature and strain rate constitutive data for process simulation,” by Joseph Domblesky, Marquette University, and Doug Jones and Klaus Gebauer, TRW Corp., USA.
  • “Process simulation of drawing and cold heading processes,” by John Walters, Michael A. Foster, and Dave Lambert, Scientific Forming Technologies Corp., USA.
  • “Optimization of cold heading preform dies using FEM analysis and a multi-criteria Taguchi approach,” by C. El-Lahham, A.S. Milani, and J.A. Nemes, McGill University, and Nicholas Nickoletopoulos and Michel Hone, Ivaco Rolling Mills, Canada.
  • “Finite Element Analysis of die geometry for drawing steel wire,” by Robert M. Shemenski, RMS Consulting, Inc., and Michael A. Foster and John Walters, Scientific Forming Technologies Corp., USA.
  • “FE analysis on the laying process of wire rope based on parametric design,” by Sun Jianfang, Wang Guilan, and Zhang Haiou, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China.
  • “3-D FEM analysis of roller die and hydrodynamic drawing of high carbon steel wires,” by Andriej Milenin, Henryk Dyja, Zbigniew Muskalski, and Jan W. Pilarczyk, Czestochowa University of Technology, Poland.
  • “Application of critical damage value to prediction of ductile fracture in continuous drawing process using FE analysis,” by Jo Hyung-Ho, Kim Min-An, Bae Chul-Min, Kim Byung-Min, and Ko Dae-Cheol, Pusan National University, South Korea.
  • “FEM analysis of shrinkage fitting carried out for fabrication of shaped cemented carbide dies with square or hexagonal cross section,” by Kazunari Yoshida, Noriyuki Ishizawa, and Tsuneyuki Kuboi, Tokai University, Japan.