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Steel Tire Cord Technology

$ 45.00 - Steel Tire Cord (Member Price)
$ 75.00 - Steel Tire Cord (List Price)
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By Bogdan Golis, Jan W. Pilarczyk, Henryk Dyja, and Zbigniew Blazejowski,
Edited by R.M. Shemenski,
1999, 142 pages, soft-cover, indexed

This handbook, Steel Tire Cord Technology, is intended to serve those who casually come into contact with steel wire manufacturing and cord engineering, as well as those who wish to broaden their knowledge of this field, namely its equipment, materials, and technologies. It is a systematic compilation of challenges related to drawing brass and bronze-coated steel wire to be used for pneumatic tire reinforcement. Although use of steel tire cord reinforcement in pneumatic tires has provided marked performance and economic improvements over the last several decades, comprehensive discussion of this technologically important subject has been lacking in recent literature.

With special emphasis on plastic deformation and mechanical properties, this handbook will aid metallurgical engineering, materials science, and mechanical engineering students. The authors believe that this work will contribute to the science and technology of steel tire cord.

The handbook’s six chapters cover the following topics: understanding steel tire cord reinforcement; basic factors affecting steel tire cord quality; plating; production technology; tire bead wire; and future tire cord development.

Published in 1999, the handbook was written by Bogdan Golis, Jan W. Pilarczyk, Henryk Dyja, and Zbigniew Blazejowski. All faculty members of Poland’s Czestochowa Technical University, they are frequent contributors to the WAI’s technical programs. Dr. Robert M. Shemenski, president of RMS Consulting, Inc., and a past president of WAI, edited the book.