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Electrical Conductor Technology set (DVD)

$ 325.00 - Electrical Conductors (Member Price)
$ 425.00 - Electrical Conductors (List Price)
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By Dr. Horace Pops
Total running time: 1 hr., 40 min.

This program, intended for both the novice and expert in the wire and cable industry, is oriented to the nonferrous producer and consumer, focusing almost entirely on copper and aluminum.

It describes the requirements of an electrical conductor and show why unalloyed pure metals are preferred over alloys. Factors affecting the electrical properties are described in detail, as are the effects of residual impurities and their interaction with oxygen upon electrical properties and annealability.

Processing from rod to bare wire is addressed and includes conventional batch versus in-line production of magnet wire. In addition to bulk properties, attention is given to the bare wire surface for critical applications. Finally, it focuses on the significance of metallurgical factors and thermal-mechanical processing variables that affect the production, performance and properties of electrical conductors.

Dr. Horace Pops, Director, Metals Laboratory at SUPERIOR ESSEX Industrial Products Group, Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA, is a prominent researcher in the nonferrous wire industry. Dr. Pops has been a member of The Wire Association International, Inc. since 1979, serving as president in 1992-93. He has received the WAI’s Best Paper Award 10 times, including for his work for the measurement of surface oxide films on copper, and three honorable mention awards.