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Effect of parameters of extrusion on strain and stress states in the manufacturing process of wire from alloy CuAg15P5

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By Rafal Wludzik, Marcin Knapinski, and Jan W. Pilarczyk, Czestochowa University of Technology, and Stanislaw Ksiezarek and Zbigniew Smolarczyk, Institute of Non-Ferrous Metals, Poland
Wire made from copper-silver-phosphorus alloys are considered very good solders for joining elements from copper and its alloys. Phosphorus content eliminates the need for flux, but also lowers plasticity of solders while addition of silver improves it. This paper investigates the alloy CuAg15P5. It has been found that in the temperature range 20-150°C potential for deformation of the alloy is rather poor, but it rapidly grows for temperatures higher than 300°C. An influence of strain rates of deformation on yield stress sp and strain e has also been observed.  
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