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Correlation between surface defects of bar copper wire and faults in magnet wire

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By Yoon Jong-Seo and Kim Young-Tae, LG Cable, Ltd., Korea
The magenet wire used in most electric or electronic devices is manufactured by applying varnish as an insulating material on the drawn copper or aluminum wire. If there is bad adhesion between metal wire and varnish, a non-uniform coating layer or the magnet wire contains faults, the breakdown of insulation occurs. This is mostly caused by the surface defects of bare wire. In this study, in order to examine the correlation between surface defects of bare copper wire and faults in magnet wire, several types of defects frequently seen were selected and these defects were fabricated artificially. Subsequently, varnish was applied on it and the faults in magnet wire were detected. As a result of this trail, it was determined that among the surface defects of bare copper wire, longitudinal scratch, silver and rubbing were the main causes of the faults in magnet wire.
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