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Behavior of residual stress and drawing stress in conical-type die and circle-type die drawing by FEM simulation and experiment

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By Akikazu Nakagiri, Takaaki Yamano and Masazumi Konaka, Kansai University; Motoo Asakawa and Wataru Sasaki, Waseda University; and Kazunari Yoshida, Tokai University, Japan
This study considers conical-type and circle-type die shapes, and the new design of the optimum die shape as proposed from FEM simulation. The optimum die-angle and reduction were put in order and considered with the die-wire contact length ratio. The internal stress and residual stress were simulated in the behavior of the rise of temperature of the material owing to heating during and that of the cooling after drawing. Results showed that drawing stress is low and the residual stress is high in conical-type die drawing.
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