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Rod Tensile Strength Control

$ 10.00 - Rod Tensile Strength (Member Price)
$ 15.00 - Rod Tensile Strength (List Price)
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2001, 31 pages

This report comprises five technical papers that were presented in a theme session during the Wire & Cable Technical Symposium at WAI's 71st Annual Convention, Atlanta, May 2001.

The following papers are included:
  • "A case for tensile specifications in the steel rod and wire industry," by Steven M. Montague, Jeffrey D. Howrey, and James L. Hess, Leggett & Platt, Inc., USA.
  • "Using rod tensiles to eliminate tensile-based rejects in bright and galvanized wire," by Malcolm Young, Davis Wire Corp., USA.
  • "Influence of test method, rolling conditions and steel chemistry on tensile variation for high carbon wire rod," by Paul R. Hastings and John Heerema, Ivaco Rolling Mills, Canada.
  • "Pearlitic steel wire rods with low cementite volume fraction for direct drawing," by Chul Min Bae, Yong Jun Song, and Seong Wook Yim, POSCO, South Korea.
  • "Development of a new hypereutectoid steel for high-strength wire," by Masato Kaiso, Nobuhiko Ibaraki, Yasuhiro Oki, and Takaaki Minamida, Kobe Steel, Ltd., Japan.