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Development of a new hypereutectoid steel for high-strength wire with heat treatment process

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By Masato Kaiso, Nobuhiko Ibaraki, Yasuhiro Oki and Takaaki Minamida, Kobe Steel, Ltd., Japan
To improve the strength of wire with a heat treatment process such as galvanizing after drawing, a new hypereutectoid Si-Cr-added steel has been developed. A Transmission-Electron-Microscopical study of galvanized wire of the steel revealed that each cementite plate consists of numerous nano-size particles surrounded by an Si-enriched layer, and the presence of Si and Cr contributes to a refinement of the particles. The authors conclude that carbon in such cementite particles refined by the addition of Si and Cr does not easily defuse into the lamella ferrite at high temperature and thus maintains wire strength without compromising ductility.
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