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Pearlitic steel wires: strength and ductility, a contradiction? What about aging

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By Ignace Lefever and Walther Van Raemdonck, N.V. Bekaert S.A., Belgium
Cost reduction, short delivery times, and consistent quality, prolonged life cycles, automation possibility are the buzz words in nowadays industrial environment. Often weight saving is added to this list. As the largest independent wire and wire products producer, Bekaert has been asked by multiple customers to supply higher strength steel wires for many applications: rubber reinforcement, semi-conductor cutting wires, ropes, springs, etc. Throughout the development of higher tensile grades (over 3800N/mm2) in a broad diameter range (0.10 – 4.50 mm), we experienced that a proper processing control is a prerequisite to ensure a sufficient ductility performance. The presentation will emphasize the role of “aging” through the whole process and the impact on the in-use properties of the wire products.
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