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Practical Application of the Process Capability Study

$ 40.00 - Process Capability Study (Member Price)
$ 45.00 - Process Capability Study (List Price)
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By Douglas B. Relyea,
2011, 135 pages, soft-cover, indexed

Creating a universal language for problem solving, this book delineates the process capability study, a powerful tool that, when understood and implemented, provides benefits to every department within a manufacturing organization. With easy to read, step-by-step flow diagrams on how to perform process capability studies and measurement process analyses, the book’s coverage includes:

  • The benefits of statistical process control over statistical product control
  • Real-world industrial examples and case studies illustrating how to use the techniques
  • Ways for management to determine if the investment in process capability studies is providing an appropriate return
  • Methods to correct lack of stability and capability once either condition has been identified, such as the ANOVA technique and the simple three-factor designed experiment
  • A flow chart that enables machine operators to execute a process capability study without interfering with productivity

A great deal of information is available on the technical concepts of the process capability study, much of it emphasizing the mathematics. Unfortunately, concentrating on the math and fine distinctions, such as the difference between alpha- and beta-type errors, has created barriers preventing many from fully appreciating the basic concepts, the simplicity, and the usefulness of the tool. This book shows you how to use the process capability study to increase return on investment from your statistical process control/Six Sigma effort and make your company more competitive.