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Introduction to Wiredrawing for Operators DVD (Spanish Version)

$ 150.00 - Intro. to Drawing, Spanish (Member Price)
$ 190.00 - Intro. to Drawing, Spanish (List Price)
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Total running time: 1 hr., 15 min.

This is a Spanish version of the popular English title Introduction to Wiredrawing for Operators. This instructional package is intended to educate beginning wiredrawers and refresh experienced wiredrawers in basic wiredrawing techniques. It is also a helpful educational tool for sales and customer service personnel and others in need of wiredrawing knowledge. It covers basic wiredrawing theory and leads into specific sections for the ferrous and nonferrous/electrical industries. It is based on several different sources, both old and new, with contributions made by several members of The Wire Association International, Inc.

It covers the following subjects: basic wiredrawing theory, dies, die lineup and reduction theory, rod grades and defects, descaling, soap practice, helix and cast, packaging, die and block cooling, quality measurement, safety, how to read a micrometer, how to point rod and wire, how to string up and strip out, and how to weld rod and wire.