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$ 10.00 - Superconductor (Member Price)
$ 15.00 - Superconductor (List Price)
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2001, 55 pages

This report comprises five technical papers that were presented in a theme session during the Wire & Cable Technical Symposium at WAI's 71st Annual Convention, Atlanta, May 2001.

The following papers are included:
  • "High energy accelerator applications for superconductor materials," by Arthur F. Greene, New England Electric Wire Corp., USA.
  • "Niobium-Titanium superconducting wires: Nanostructures by extrusion and wiredrawing," by Peter J. Lee and David C. Larbalestier, The Applied Superconductivity Center, The University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA.
  • "Criteria for the prevention of filament and wire breaking during the fabrication of multifilamentary composite superconducting wire," by Betzalel Avitzur, Metalforming, Inc., and Samy Talbert, consultant, USA.
  • "High-temperature superconducting electric power applications," by R.D. Blaugher, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, USA.
  • "Aluminum spiral wrapping for stabilization of niobium/titanium superconductor wire," by Gil Baker, Horace Pops, Jack Davis, and Julie Walker, Superior Essex, Inc.; Greg Holt and Suhas Vaze, Concurrent Technologies Corp.; and Dah-Wei Yuan, US Patent and Trademark Office, USA.