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Annealing DVD

$ 425.00 - Annealing (Member Price)
$ 575.00 - Annealing (List Price)
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By Dr. Horace Pops
Total running time: 1 hr., 36 min.

Information from Dr. Pops’ research, technical conferences and symposia has been assembled into a detailed tutorial for wire industry professionals.

Annealing, Part 1: Principles of Annealing (28 min.)

  • Definitions
  • Structure—property changes
  • General concepts: ferrous and nonferrous wires
  • Engineering rules and guidelines
  • Stages of annealing
  • Role of work hardening
Annealing, Part 2: Annealing of Copper and Aluminum Wire (31 min.)
  • Effects of composition
  • Interaction of impurities
  • Control of process variables (amount of reduction; intermediate anneals)
  • Measurement of annealing process
  • Rate of softening
  • Batch versus strand annealing
Annealing, Part 3: Annealing Problems (37 min.)
  • Annealability testing
  • Purity and equipment problems
  • Oxidation and staining
  • Measurement of properties
  • Hydrogen embrittlement
  • Sticky wire
  • Functional heating during drawing